Thursday, October 20, 2011

STARTING OVER: The Return of the CMS Blog!

CMS blog (first incarnation)  RIP: June 2010-September 2011

For a variety of reasons that I may or may not go into later on this blog, I removed over a year worth of posts related to my favorite actor, Charles Martin Smith. Deleted them, in fact. Permanently. A project that had initially started as an incredibly enjoyable experience (watching and reviewing the films of Charles Martin Smith, or CMS, from the perspective of a gay fan) became increasingly less so. Like I said, perhaps I will go into the reasons why in the future.

But guess what?  My interest in writing this blog doesn't seem to have gone away after all. In fact, it has kind of intensified recently. I found some rare-ish CMS that I'm really excited about finally seeing, and my enthusiasm cannot be contained. I still enjoy watching CMS movies and TV show appearances, and still want to write about that enjoyment.

So I'm back, just in time for CMS's birthday on October 30th. I've also just missed the 40th anniversary of his first IMDb-listed acting appearance: on "The Brady Bunch" TV show, broadcast October 8th 1971. Charlie was just shy of his 18th birthday. Way too young to qualify as sexy, but adorable all the same.

Jump 40 years later to 2011, as I repost several current pics of Charlie taken at an advance screening of the hit film recently directed by him,  "Dolphin Tale 3-D".

Mr. Smith is just about to turn 58. Do I really think he's the sexiest man alive?

You bet I do!

Happy Birthday, handsome!

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