Saturday, August 24, 2013

BEAUTIFUL BEARDED BIOLOGIST: a trio of promo pics from "Never Cry Wolf" (1983)

Gosh. It's really frustrating that I have finally reached the point in the Charles Martin Smith filmography where I get to examine my all-time favorite movie (as well as the reasons this blog exists in the first place), yet there is so little spare time in my life right now to devote to those examinations. Grrr!!

Fortunately, I do have enough time to present this group of photos from a promotional shoot done on location sometime during the production of "Never Cry Wolf" (around 1980 or 1981). They're really beautiful shots, and I think Charles Martin Smith looks especially handsome in them. You can see him displaying  one of my favorite CMS "looks": wearing a super cute pair of wire frame glasses and sporting that thick and manly beard I have spent so many years admiring. Wardrobe-wise, there's the suspenders and thermal undershirt adding an extra bit of rugged sexiness as well. Factor in the "nerdy scientist" thing CMS is so good at... and we end up with what I would say is an absolutely perfect specimen of manhood. Swoon! 

I know a lot of my fellow bears would look at CMS in these shots and say: "That is not a bear! More like an otter, maybe..." But to me, when I think "bear", this is the visual that pops into my mind. And here he is, hella hot and hairy! "That Darn Bear!" indeed...

Yes, Charles Martin Smith is the Sexiest Man Alive.

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