Sunday, November 27, 2011

More about "THAT DARN BEAR!"

A week ago, "That Darn Bear!" (my short film about CMS and the role he played in my early sexual fantasies) played to a very receptive audience at the Fall 2011 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival. As I posted last entry, I was pretty nervous about showing it. Not only was I unsure how the audience would react to the short, I was also unsure how my zero-budget labor of love would hold up alongside the works of the many talented and resourceful filmmakers also presenting their films. I am happy to say the audience gave my movie one of the most enthusiastic responses of the evening!

From the opening moment (contrasting a Walt Disney Studio logo with the un-Disney-like full title: "THAT DARN BEAR! An Erotic Confession"), through the film's recreation of the excitement and joy of my first experience seeing Charles Martin Smith in "Never Cry Wolf", to my final confessional statements superimposed over images of the handsomely bearded actor, there was much clapping, laughing, and cheering. Joshua told me later that many of his friends mentioned my film as one of the highlights of the night! He also encouraged me to submit the movie to another film fest. Even (gasp!) Frameline! Gosh!

A major part of the film was centered around CMS's nude scene from "NCW", and this got some of the  best responses. Charles has the most amazingly beautiful ass, perhaps the nicest I have ever seen (I suspect it is still quite nice even today), and I loved hearing the enthusiastic hoots and hollers as it appeared up on the movie screen. Add a bit of phallic symbolism and some carefully chosen soundtrack music, and ta-da! It's a hit! I can't even describe how happy I was to hear the cheers and applause at the end. Sorry if I sound like I'm going overboard tooting my horn, but it's been a while since I'd had such encouragement and I'm feeling kinda proud.

Initially I was not going to post "That Darn Bear!"online, but after the strong positive response I have reconsidered that. Keep an eye out on this blog for a link, as I am working on making the film available online soon for your viewing pleasure.

Meanwhile, I'm hard at work on new reviews of the films and TV shows of CMS. See you next entry for a look at the early work of my favorite actor! 

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